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Do you want to impact others? Come join us and make an impact on the lives of millions – starting in our very own Port Huron area, and expanding across the globe. We’re hard at work building something special here, and we’re always looking for those that want to be a part of it!

At PJWS, we always start with how the person fits in with us and not with how the job description fits the person. So we’re always interested in adding high quality people to our team who are aligned with our Leadership Principles, whether they are just starting in their career and want an organization where they can develop or already have some experience and are looking to call a place home. If you think you would be a good fit at PJWS, whether it’s for an open position below or not, please tell us why via email at We look forward to hearing from you, and rest assured, every email is read!

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Current Openings at PJWS:

The following positions involve producing, moving, and inspecting our product each day.  It’s the people in these roles that are instrumental in meeting our customer’s expectations and are therefore absolutely critical to our success. 

• Production Operator
• Sort Inspection
• Quality Technician
• Material Handler
• Maintenance

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The PJWS Technical Development Program provides our future technical leaders with a solid foundation, based on practical working experience and supplemented with both internal and external education. Such a foundation allows the future leader to develop expertise in one or more key areas: Manufacturing, Quality, or Design Engineering. Some individuals may pick a specific discipline, whereas others will prefer a rotation through various disciplines. The program is tailored to the unique needs of the individual based on their desired career path and the needs of the organization

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The Product Engineer must have previous experience with product design, including experience with customer interaction and CAD. This person must be capable of working individually as well as part of the team. The candidate must also have strong attention to detail, be cost-conscious, and have a desire to be an integral part of a world-class engineering team.

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The Advanced Manufacturing Engineer position in Product Launch is a “hands on” role that requires strong attention to detail. This role will be focused on product launches and continuous (process) improvement. This individual must enjoy spending their work day on the manufacturing floor.

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This individual will play a key role in Accounting, working directly with the CFO, to lead us in achieving world class standards as we double in size. As a result, it’s an opportunity for you to develop your experience to a world class level!

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Wir suchen Sie (m/w/altersunabhängig) zum Aufbau eines Technik-Zentrums für unseren amerikanischen Kunden P.J. Wallbank Springs im schönen Garmisch- Partenkirchen. Wallbank Springs, der Weltmarktführer für Federpakete bei Kupplungen, hat es sich für 2018 zur Aufgabe gemacht, sein Kundengeschäft um einen deutschen Engineering-Standort zu erweitern, und zwar mit einer derzeit in Gründung befindender GmbH. Im Fokus des neuen dynamischen Teams stehen Grundlagenentwicklung, Produktentwicklung und Vertrieb – ein Dreigespann, das es erfolgreich aufzubauen gilt. Vertriebsmärkte sind zunächst Deutschland, Österreich und Frankreich. Weitere europäische Märkte sollen folgen.

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The Customer Service Specialist role is an integral part of the team at P.J. Wallbank Springs as they are the liaison with our customers. The person in this role will process orders for shipment, help to resolve customer issues, and provide valuable communication to the rest of the P.J. Wallbank team. They must be a detail oriented person that has a strong background in automotive customer service and logistics.

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In describing our ideal candidate, we need someone who is not afraid of the detailed work (we believe this is where it all starts), someone who wants to truly understand the nuts and bolts of People Operations from the manufacturing floor and up, and someone who wants to make a significant impact on others, and as a result, our organization.

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P.J. Wallbank’s roots are in machine building and process development. After immigrating from England and using what was left of his savings to rent a room in a farmhouse, Phillip Wallbank, a springmaker by trade (and machine builder by choice), found a potential customer desperate for parts due to their striking supplier. In order to produce these parts, he immediately set out to create a machine, largely composed of components from a discarded old washing machine. This machine won him his first production contract. From there, the company was defined by creating innovative and specialized equipment, focused on simplicity, which set P.J. Wallbank apart from its competitors. This approach was further exemplified approximately 25 years later, when Mel Wallbank developed the very equipment that produce our spring packs today. Our organization’s DNA is made up of machine building and process development.

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