Machine Operator

Position Overview

Title and Role: Plant Operations – Machine Operator (Reports directly to Operator Leader)

This role operates our machines to produce a 100% quality part that exceeds not only our employees’ but also our customer expectations as well. The machine operator achieve minimum expectations always striving to exceed all safety, quality and production world class standards.

Company Description

Over the last 35 years our organization has been a specialist in our products. In fact, we are the only company in the world who specializes in clutch return spring packs. This laser sharp focus, combined with great people putting forth a tremendous amount of effort, has enabled us to be the global leader in our market.

Our organization collaborates with our customers all around the world in product development, and then manufacture these products on proprietary manufacturing equipment and processes we design and build internally. While millions of these products are shipped within the United States, more than 50% are exported, the majority of which go to China.

We are currently experiencing very rapid growth as we are on a trajectory to double in size in the next 2 years. It’s because of this explosive growth that we look at ourselves a 35 year old start up.

Why Us?

While our company’s growth is exciting and will present some great opportunities and challenges, this is not what makes us special. In fact, many mediocre companies are capable of growing to a larger size. What separates us from others is 1) our common desire to have an impact and 2) our people.

Those with our organization share a common desire to have an impact on people. For some, this is the impact that can be made on the people within our four walls, while for others it may mean the impact within our community or the millions of lives we impact all around the world each day.

Our ability to make an impact is a direct result of our people. We firmly believe the difference between an average organization and phenomenal, long term success is a function of the organization’s people. What does this mean? It means believing that our people are our most important asset, and then treating them this way. It means providing people with the opportunity to work with other high performers whom they respect and can learn from. It means giving people tough challenges to solve in order to grow personally and professionally.

There is a company to be built here, a world class one, and we are looking for those who are excited to be a part of that, but aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard, take ownership, and ultimately have a direct impact on the lives of many people near and far.

Job Responsibilities

  • Produce 100% quality parts at a minimum target efficiency rate
  • All paperwork and labeling must be legible, clear and correct
  • Must ensure workspace is clean and no safety hazards exist (trip hazards, etc.) at end of shift
  • Follow all procedures, policies and rules (includes but is not limited to: safety rules, behavior expectations, timekeeping, etc)

Desired Job Requirements

  • Must show motivation & have desire to learn new concepts and skills
  • Must exhibit desired values and principles
  • Must have good communications skills, both written and verbal; basic mathematics skills required
  • Some computer skills (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) an asset, but not a requirement

Performance Objectives and Measurables

  • Performs all duties in a safe manner and to all standards
  • Achieves production of 100% quality parts within 120 days at a minimum production
  • efficiency target level of 85%
  • Ensures work area is clean and organized daily
  • 100% compliance and adherence to all policies and procedures

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) (as a team and individual)

  • 0 safety incidents every day
  • 0 unexcused absences every month
  • Achieve 85% production efficiency on all jobs that the employee has worked after 120 days
  • Achieve no more than 3 defects found in final inspection monthly. Achieve 0 defects found at the customer
  • Daily cleaning of machine area per checklist