Custom Spring Pack Design & Manufacturing - P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc.

Quality Spring Pack Design and Manufacturing

P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc. is the global leader in clutch return technology, specializing in spring pack design and manufacturing.

Spring pack assemblies are found in automotive transmissions, clutches, and gearboxes. They're crucial to the vehicles operation and need to be produced with precision. At P.J. Wallbank Springs, we've been manufacturing these automotive products for many years and provide the best in customer support and production quality. The design of your spring packs is unique, and we'll ensure that they will be manufactured to standards you set.

We know you want the very best designed products on the market, and your spring pack assemblies need to be reliable and efficient. That's why we not only maintain our own manufacturing equipment, but we've custom built our machinery to provide you unmatched quality and production standards for your customized spring packs. Whatever standards you have, our engineering and manufacturing teams will ensure they are met. At P.J. Wallbank Springs, we believe in standing apart from the competition and our team is ready to help you with your customized spring pack design and production.