- P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc.

What we do

PJWS solves clutch, disconnect, and spacing challenges throughout electrified propulsion systems. Our customized spring assemblies outperform Belleville springs, wave springs, and other spring-loaded alternatives, when applied to the proper application in an intelligent manner.

Our spring assemblies provide:

  • Reduced losses due to hysteresis
  • Improved repeatability
  • Longer cycle life
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved cleanliness
  • Longer stroke capability

We have active production programs in the EV space and be pleased to speak if you need a solution for spacing or loading challenges. Contact wallbank@pjws.com for more info.

What makes us different

At our core, PJWS specializes in applying compression single technology in an intelligent manner to solve problems for our customers. We think differently. Rather than merely behaving like a spring manufacturer, we work with our customers to develop solutions that provide optimal performance at the system level. We’re customer- and product-centric.

We work alongside our customers to refine their designs, and develop a solution that meets or exceeds their expectations. And we aren’t afraid to prescribe a different partner if we find that our expertise and capability isn’t the right solution for a specific challenge.

We embrace complexity and automation, but in an intelligent manner. We actively work to avoid making components more complex than they need to be and, although we heavily rely on automation, we leverage automated processes as a means to serve our needs, rather than blindly defaulting to excess automation.

The result is a lean, streamlined manufacturing process that provides the highest quality product at an attractive price.

Where we come from

PJWS is the global leader in clutch return spring technology. Our team of engineers designs, prototypes, manufactures and tests automotive transmission spring packs and clutch return technologies to meet industry specific demands and exceed our customers requirements requirements. Our engineers will accommodate any standard or requirement.

By working closely with our customers and encouraging strong communication between our engineering team and theirs, we can ensure that our spring pack solutions are designed to meet their needs. This is how we produce the world’s best transmission spring packs. And why we’ve been a leader in the space for over 40 years.

Our top of the line automotive spring packs and clutch return components are produced using the latest materials and innovative manufacturing equipment that is built in house by our very own professionals. This technology supports modern, highly efficient, light weight, fuel-saving spring pack designs. We are able to make these advancements because we not only design our spring assemblies in house, but we also have designed and built all of our own equipment. Which means our production standards can’t be matched.

Where we’re going

We strive to make an enduring, positive impact on the lives of our customers, partners, employees, and community. As the industry evolves, we continue to look for ways to pair our experience, expertise, and capability to expand our reach in new areas. We started in automotive transmissions, but we’ve already expanded well beyond this segment. And we’re just scratching the surface.

In addition to the evolution of PJWS, our sister company, Edison Manufacturing and Engineering, is at the cutting edge of the mobility sector. Edison focuses on lower volume applications, with an emphasis on electrified and automated vehicle technology. As Edison continues to build on their success, PJWS will move hand-in-hand with them towards a brighter future.