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Automotive Transmission Spring Packs

Spring Pack assemblies play a vital role in automotive transmissions

Spring packs and spring pack assemblies are components that allow automotive transmissions to function properly. They reside within the vehicles transmission and allow the proper return of the piston to its starting position. It is vital to the vehicle's lifespan that these components are designed to last and are manufactured to the highest standards. If the spring pack fails in a transmission, then the vehicle could suffer major damage. That's why P.J. Wallbank Springs strives to manufacture the best product available.

At P.J. Wallbank Springs we not only design the spring packs we produce, but we also build the machinery used to produce them as well. This means that it's impossible to match our production quality and reliability anywhere in the world. Our spring packs are shipped globally because of this, automotive manufacturers know they can rely on us for the best products in the industry.

We can design spring packs that are customized to your exact needs and specifications. Our manufacturing process is unmatched, so you can rest assured that your spring packs will be built to the highest standard possible. There’s a reason we are the global leader in clutch return technology, don’t hesitate to give us a call and learn more!