Automotive Clutch Spring Manufacturer - P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc.

P.J. Wallbank Springs is the Global Leader in Automotive Clutch Spring Manufacturing

We take pride in the Clutch Springs we manufacture as well as our employee’s satisfaction. We are constantly refining our production methods and increasing our quality of manufacturing!

What are Automotive Clutch Springs?

Clutch Springs are a vital component in modern vehicle transmissions. If they are not produced correctly or manufactured to very specific tolerances, then it can have a critical impact on a vehicle performance and gas mileage. We can guarantee that the products we send out to automotive producers are the very best that can be manufactured. This will result in proper transmission performance and insure that a vehicle will last a long time and run as efficient as possible.

Here at P.J. Wallbank Springs we strive to produce the best Automotive Clutch springs in the industry, and that is just what we do! By creating a positive and healthy work environment our employees take pride in the company and the products we manufacture. Our manufacturing equipment is designed, built, and maintained in house by our very own engineers. This means that there is no other place on the globe that can produce a product as well as we can!