Automotive Transmission Spring Pack and Clutch Returns Spring Assembly

At P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc. we design and produce the world's best Spring Packs which work in our Clutch Return Spring Assemblies!

Our top of the line automotive transmission spring packs and clutch return components are produced using the latest materials and innovative manufacturing equipment that is built in house by our very own professionals. This technology supports modern, highly efficient, light weight, fuel-saving spring pack designs. We are able to make these advancements because we not only design our Spring Assemblies in house, but we also have designed and built all of our own equipment, which means our production standards cannot be matched by anyone.

P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc is the global leader in clutch return spring technology for a reason. Our team of engineers will design, prototype, manufacture and test automotive transmission spring packs and clutch return technologies to meet industry specific demands and exceed your requirements. Our engineers will accommodate any standard or requirement that your Clutch Return Spring Assembly will need to meet. By working with you and encouraging strong communication between our engineering team and yours, we can ensure that your spring packs are custom designed to meet your needs. This is how we can produce the world’s best transmission spring packs.

What is a Clutch Return Spring Assembly?

Spring packs are used in a variety of clutched applications, although their most common use is within the clutches of automatic transmission. A transmission is a key component in an automobile that allows the engine to change between gears and run more efficiently at higher and lower speeds. Modern vehicles are being designed with more and more gears in order to run even more efficiently, this means there’s more for transmissions to do and therefore more stress and importance gets placed on clutch return spring assemblies. Clutches are components within transmissions that engaged in order for a particular part of a machine to perform its function. Clutches rely on spring packs to perform these functions every time the transmission changes gears. It is our mission to make sure these components work flawlessly together so that your machines will perform their greatest. This is why we focus strongly on the superior design of our spring packs and the quality of production we perform.

Want to join the team?

If you would like to join our team and work with the most innovative design and production equipment in the industry than we would love to talk with you about starting a career! One of our main focuses at P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc. is providing career and learning opportunities to the Port Huron area. Our local community is important to us and we would love to provide you with learning and training opportunities. From working with advanced production and manufacturing equipment to administration and engineering positions, we can find a career for you!