Technical Development Program



The PJWS Technical Development Program provides our future technical leaders with a solid foundation, based on practical working experience and supplemented with both internal and external education. Such a foundation allows the future leader to develop expertise in one or more key areas: Manufacturing, Quality, or Design Engineering. Some individuals may pick a specific discipline, whereas others will prefer a rotation through various disciplines. The program is tailored to the unique needs of the individual based on their desired career path and the needs of the organization.

Every individual that begins their career with PJWS, irrespective of their position, starts on the production floor learning how to operate our proprietary equipment. Manufacturing product is what we do, and its important one understands and appreciates what goes into this, including the importance of the Production Operator to our organization today and our future. The first 3 months of your career will begin with challenging yourself to master the machine. Your next 3 months will be moving throughout the different manufacturing departments from our inspection lab to material handling and finally sorting. The next 6 months and beyond will lie within the discipline(s) you have chosen. Here are some examples of different paths available to prospective entrants of the program:

Program Attendees

Jessica is enrolled at St. Clair County Community College in the Mechatronics program. From an early age, she found her natural passion in drawing and design. When she joined PJWS, she chose to work full time within the Technical Development Program and attend class part time during the evenings.

She is 1 year into the program and is working with the Product Design team, where she is designing our spring packs; addressing customer requests; and learning the quality processes that support the production of our products. She is excelling with her educational pursuits and is receiving tuition reimbursement.

Trevor has always taken things apart and put them back together! He has decided to attend Kettering University to attain his degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Trevor’s program is tailored as a co-op through our partnership with Kettering. Kettering’s program provides for Trevor to attend classes for 3 months and work for 3 months.

Trevor’s 2 on site co-op sessions were within the manufacturing shop and he is now working with the New Product Launch team and will soon move to our Controls team.

William first heard about the PJWS program as a sophomore at Port Huron High School. At that time he signed up for the metal manufacturing program at RESA, given his strong interest in manufacturing, while working at PJWS part time as a Machine Operator. As he reaches his senior year, William will begin an afternoon paid co-op at PJWS.

He will advance through each department within manufacturing to gain a complete understanding of the manufacturing operation. William has not decided whether he will attend college after high school, but if he does he will have the encouragement and support of the PJWS team.


Our program provides financial encouragement and support to our employees ranging from:

  • tuition reimbursement and competitive compensation
  • comprehensive PTO
  • 401(k)
  • Medical
  • Dental and Vision plans

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